I'm not talking about my kids' future social status, I'm talking about the candy.

We packed up the Yoys for some early evening trick or treating.  We brought along our neighbors from across the street.  Their little boy, Mr. W, is about 18 months and learning the art of trick or treating.

He didn't want to hold his candy collecting pumpkin basket, so we gave it to Little E to hold while we pushed him in his little car.  This kept him quiet and this was key.

Midway through our trek around the neighborhood, we encountered a stray pit bull.  Usually the strays just keep away from you, but all I can think about are the pit bull maulings that are always in the news.  This puts us all a little on edge as we keep one eye on the dog as she hunts for food and one eye on our werewolf, scarecrow, and fireman.

What we needed was a little comic relief.  And that is why we keep Little E around.  Mr. B had taken the candy basket away from Little E and just as expected he went ballistic.  He immediately started screaming.

I gave him the key chain with our house keys to quiet him down.  Not the best idea, I know, but I was desperate. Imagine retracing your path post trick or treating to find your keys.  But, alas, this quieted him down.  Thank goodness!

Mr. Yoy was pushing Little E in his car and he had that look on his face that I know too well.  He had something in his mouth.  I ran up to him and pinched his cheeks.


I could make out the familiar Nerds candy logo inside his mouth.  Holy crap, this kid had put an entire box of Nerds in his mouth!  He must have snaked it from Mr. W's candy basket.

I yell for Mr. Yoy to help.  He goes in and retrieves a dissolving combination of cardboard, candy, and spit.

Only my kid would eat the candy including the packaging. That's just how much he likes to eat.  Nothing will stop him, certainly not paper.

Happy Halloween, friends!
What Mr. Yoy excavated from Little E's mouth.  Unreal.


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