Over the past week I have cleaned out our foyer closet, the boys' playroom closet, and cleaned the inside of the fridge.

I find it to be very therapeutic.  Plus, after watching many episodes of Hoarders, I'm trying my best to not end up on that show.

Mrs. Yoy, we are here today to talk about your compulsive Sudoku puzzle book hoarding problem. We have even found mouse droppings in them.

In case I lost you, the above paragraph would be how my Hoarders episode played out.

Although Mr. Yoy is very grateful for my efforts, he still can't shake the feeling that I'm nesting.  Every time I show him a clean closet he says anxiously...

Are you sure you're not pregnant?

I'm not.  I swear.

I'm just trying to live a simpler, more organized life.
Our foyer closet before I worked my magic.


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