A love/hate relationship with ketchup

Ah, ketchup.  It is a very polarizing condiment.  Aunt and Uncle Yoy would rather eat dirt than put ketchup on their french fries.  But Big E, he is a major ketchup guy.

I have figured out that he will eat anything with ketchup on it.

Chicken?  CHECK!

Carrots?  CHECK!

Cucumber? CHECK!

Grapes?  CHECK!

Tomatoes?  Seems like overkill, but CHECK!

I'm pretty sure if I presented him with a heaping plate of dog poop with a side of ketchup, he'd at least try to eat it.

So how can I hate ketchup?  The gateway food for proteins and veggies, food that Big E may not eat otherwise.

I'll tell you why.

This sh*t gets everywhere.  After dinner tonight Big E stood up and had what appeared to be a bullet hole in his shorts hovering near his left thigh.

I thought, did I miss when the sniper came through the kitchen and shot up my kid?

He didn't appear to be injured, so I chalked it up to ketchup.

Good thing I just bought a giant bottle of OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover (Mrs. Yoy not being paid to advertise this, but would gladly do it).

I almost bought this shirt for Big E when we were in New Orleans.  For whatever reason, these shirts were everywhere.  


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