It tastes like sweet potato!

This statement would have been fine, if Big E had declared it during dinner when he was actually eating sweet potato.

Inside, he reported it to me in between licks of his hands.

With winter looming, I've been moisturizing the hell out of the Yoys at bedtime.  We use Aveeno Baby Calming & Comfort Lotion - Lavender & Vanilla.

It smells like heaven.  I can see its allure.

In fact, back in my days at UF, I was a big fan of this deodorant that smelled like candy.  I can't remember the brand, but it seriously smelled delicious.  I told my roommate jokingly that I wanted to taste it.  And when I accidentally did, while trying to be funny, I learned the hard way that deodorant is not edible.  In fact, it tasted what I thought battery acid would taste like.

Anyway, back to Big E.  He assumes everything out of a tube is hand sanitizer.  As soon as I pull the lotion out, he requests some on his hands.  He rubs them together like he would the hand sanitizer.  But then he crosses the line.

He full on eats it.

As you know, my parenting quota is definitely used up by 6:30 in the evening.  I don't feel like fighting.

So I let him eat it.

And now I know Aveeno lotion tastes like sweet potato. Who knew?
I'm not completely sold on the calming effects of this lotion.  This might be better suited:
Just an observation...


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