Poop or Chocolate?

I regret to inform you that the two little pieces on the kitchen floor were not Hershey's Kisses.

They were Little E kisses.

Big E spotted them immediately.  Poop!  Poop!  Poop!

I bent over to take a look.  Unfortunately, Big E was correct.

Little E had a blow out while eating his lunch today.  I only noticed it once he had been let out of his highchair and made the rounds of the house.  Included in his pre-discovery activity was a trip to the mailbox on my hip.

Mrs. Yoy and the kitchen floor were part of the collateral damage.

I'm done for the day.  I've changed four nasty diapers between the two of them.

Paging Mr. Yoy!  You are needed immediately at home!
This could have gone so much better.


  1. Correction: Make that FIVE nasty diapers.

  2. Correction: Make that SIX nasty diapers. This is the final count as both Yoys are sleeping for the night. AMEN.


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