Watch out for rolling Yoys!

Today's bad mommy moment was brought to you by Little E, a hill, and a Publix shopping cart.

I was the West Paces Publix.  Really I was at the West Paces Goldberg's, but decided to pick up a few things while I was so close to Publix.

I had the sweet parallel parking spot right in front of Goldberg's.  I pushed Little E in the cart to unload our groceries.  I stopped the cart at the car and began to unload the groceries.

Everything was going smoothly until I heard a bang.  The Publix cart had rolled off the curb and done a header into the side of my beloved Sienna.


I cursed in front of my baby.  I feel bad about that.

Little E started crying.  Thank goodness I had strapped him in.  He was fine, just startled.

A man sitting on the bench outside of Goldberg's going to town on his smoothie commented in a tone I did not appreciate:

I saw that happening!

Oh really?  Well how about a head's up?  Maybe like, hey lady - your baby is about to roll off a curb and into traffic.

I was able to rub out the plastic mark the cart left on the side of the Sienna and Little E calmed down once I got him in his car seat.

Overall it could have been way worse.    I think I'm just aggravated about the uselessness of bench man.
Not today, I'm afraid.  Not today.


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