I dare you to sleep through this...

Tonight we had an event that kept us out of the house until around 7.  As we neared home, Big E kept falling asleep in the back of the van.

Big E!  Wake up!  Don't fall asleep!  We are almost home!

The problem with him falling asleep, even if it is for ten minutes, is then he is UP.  Tonight, I need him to be ready for a twelve hour coma.  Especially because I, too, am ready for a twelve hour coma.

We make it home and he doesn't fight me on bed time. We read some books and I tuck him in.

Good night, Big E!

I hear a few melodies out of him, but he quiets down almost immediately.

This is my big chance!  I can finally take a shower to wash off a day's worth of Yoy crud.

I'm in the shower.  We have lined up on a shelf eight bottles of miscellaneous bath stuff.  Of which, we use none.  Above the bottles is a shower squeegee hooked onto a suction cup.

Tonight, the squeegee decided to leap off the glass and take out every single bottle balancing precariously on the shower shelf.  It was like watching the best game of Angry Birds ever.


I jumped about ten feet in the air as I'm still on edge from earlier this week.  See Putting the "hood" in neighborhood.

Great, I'm 100% sure that woke up Big E.  His bedroom wall shares a wall with our bathroom and the walls are made of rice paper.  It's like we live in Japan.

While I'm at it, I should probably go into his room and set off an air horn.

I turn off the water and take a deep breath.  I'm praying for silence.  I open the shower door and listen.

Ahhhhhhh, sweet silence.  You are music to my ears.

Shower crisis averted.
Just think of the Angry Bird as my shower squeegee and the bricks as the countless bottles of conditioner, shampoo, body wash, face soap, exfoliant, etc.


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