We had our first UDO

What is a UDO you ask?

I will tell you.

It is an Unidentified Diaper Object.  You're intrigued, I know.

Little E had a dirty diaper.  I picked up that sack of potatoes and carried him up to his changing table.  I don't normally excavate his BMs, but I noticed something blue.

Was it a crayon?  He is hot for crayons. Nope, not a crayon.

I pulled it out and wiped it down.  It was a square piece of blue plastic the size of a quarter.  My best guess was a toy car door.

I took a picture to send to a lucky few, but I'll spare you the details.

I have a few comments about this incident:

1)  I'm so thankful that Little E didn't choke while eating the blue plastic UDO.

2) When did he eat the UDO?  I normally don't leave him unattended to devour plastic pieces as he chooses.

3) I wonder if this hurt as it made its way through his system.

4) I wonder if it did any damage to his intestines, stomach, bowels, etc.

The whole thing really scared me and I'm going to be more mindful of allowing Big E to have the big boy toys out if they have little pieces.

Maybe my next blog should be:  What won't Little E eat? Clearly he doesn't limit himself to digestible items.
If only Little E could read.


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