Big E was eating dinner.  I know, I know, another meal time story.  You must think all we do is eat, and this may or may not be true.

He was "sitting" at the kitchen table in a chair.  I put "sitting" in quotes because he never actually puts his bottom in the seat.  Tonight he was squatting sideways in the chair.

He took a bite of his delicious dinner and did a back flip out of his chair.

Dang!  My son just literally flipped over my cooking!

Not really.  He lost his balance - an event I've been predicting he'd do since we took him out of the highchair.

He landed on his eye, fork in hand, food in mouth.  He was silent crying, which in my opinion, is the most pathetic.  He was still chewing, so that was a good sign.

He finally was able to make some sobbing noises.

I rushed to him and rubbed his eye and kissed his forehead.  He calmed down pretty fast.

What I really wanted to do was shout:


Because I did.  Like every night.  While he ate his dinner sitting backwards, sideways, standing, etc.

Little E laughed.  Payback for the constant torture inflicted by Big E.

Another t-shirt to add to my collection. 


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