Mush Brain

My brain is rotting in my head.

I just know it.

Today I dragged the Yoys to Home Depot to load up on exterior lighting and timers in response to last week's neighbor break-in.

I spent about 20 minutes peppering the Home Depot employee with all sorts of questions.

I had a cart full of timers and light bulbs and a few other things.

I roll up to the check out lane and unload my cart of everything except Big and Little E.

I reach into the diaper bag to grab my wallet.  I dig and I dig and I dig.

Then a light bulb goes off, pun intended.

My wallet is in my other purse.

OH MAN!  My whole trip was a waste.

I ask the check out lady if she can bag all of my stuff and keep it behind the counter.  I'd need to come back for it.

She was very understanding.

I then called Mr. Yoy at work and asked him to run over there and buy all the stuff for me, as I could not stomach a return trip which included loading and unloading the Yoys AGAIN.

Mr. Yoy saved the day!

I need to go do some mind exercises.

This is my second major flap of the week and I'd hate to make it a trifecta!
My future anatomy.


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