I'm Late!

Oh, not that kind of late.

Like, the one time I have to drive Big E to school I sleep until 8:26.  This is total un-Mrs. Yoy behavior.  I usually awake around 7 on my own, singing and happy to greet the day.

The middle of the night storms and my hourly bad guy check kept me up half the night and I was sleeping it off.  I could hear Big E yelling through our wall.



I had about 14 minutes to get both Yoys up, dressed, and fed before we needed to leave for an on time school arrival.

Oh, and myself, I had to get dressed.

I can't really recall what happened over the next 15 minutes.  There was a lot of running, yelling, and racing up and down the stairs.  I'm pretty sure there was also some sort of motivational theme music.

I asked Big E what he wanted to take along in the car for his breakfast.

He asked for a bagel and cream cheese.

Uh, hello, this isn't Goldberg's.  I obliged anyway, because he was being pretty good.

With the rain and some traffic we arrived at school about 8 minutes late.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Yeah, Little E was still half-dressed and it was like 50 degrees outside, but he's got some built-in warmth.

So far, I am amazing.  We'll see how the rest of the day goes.
You would have been helpful this morning.


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