One More Yoy?

Before you all lose your minds, it's not happening.  See No More Yoys.

Last night, I was at a karaoke party.

I was chatting up one of the guys there and he whispered if congratulations were in order and pointed to my belly area.

I was mortified.


Poor guy.  He was equally mortified.  He quickly explained that the hostess had told him one of her pregnant friends was coming over.  I guess he thought I was her.

In his defense, the dress I was wearing had an empire waist with a full volume skirt.  I guess it could be mistaken for maternity-esqe.

Also, I have a permanent pooch now where my pregnancies have stretched out my stomach/skin so that I'll never have a flat tummy again, without any surgical help, that is.  (Thanks Yoys!)

Plus, after fasting all day for the Kip, I had just eaten ten pounds of bagels, egg salad, and cookies.  I could be having a Yom Kippur baby, I guess.

How do I make this situation better?

I blurted out:


What am I saying?  Little E just turned 14 months old. My grace period is O-V-E-R.

Maybe I'm just getting straight up fat.  Ugh.

I'm never wearing that dumb dress again.
I guess it could be worse.  People could be writing articles about my fat days.


  1. Love it!! I too have the permanent pooch thanks to my three and my "baby" is almost 3!!!!


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