Friday, October 28, 2011

Wardrobe Opinions

Man, did we have a blowout fight this morning over Big E's shirt.

The worst part was, Big E was the innocent bystander.

After last night's amazing 11th inning victory, I put Big E in his Cardinals shirt to wear to school.  As a native of the Loo and a major fan, I thought this would be a great wardrobe choice today.

Admittedly, I was unable to stay up for the end of the game last night and was completely shocked when I heard about it.

Mr. Yoy took one look at the shirt and vetoed it.  I think mostly because he is still bitter about the Cards knocking the Braves out of the playoffs, but whatever.

Mr. Yoy claims that as a Georgia resident, Big E needed to wear his Gator shirt in honor of tomorrow's football matchup.  Snooze.

So we argued about it and of course, Big E took my side. He would not take the Cardinals shirt off and Mr. Yoy had to tear it off Big E as he screamed and cried.

I didn't feel bad about that at all.  Mr. Yoy should have let Big E wear his Cardinal red to school.

I imagine this is what it must be like to have a daughter, except instead of Mr. Yoy and Mrs. Yoy fighting over what our kid wears, the kid actually pipes up and has major opinions, too.

Go Cards!

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