My Micromanager

The locksmith came out today to reinforce the doors of the Yoy house.  This was a major project.  We now have metal reinforcements around the door frame, locks, and hinges.  Do you hear that bad guys?  Go to a different house!  This house is a fortress!  Plus we have lasers (maybe).

It took the locksmith, Kevin, about four hours to reinforce all the doors.

Hot on his heels the entire time, was my little micromanager, Big E.

What are you doing?

What's that sound?

Where are you going?

Kevin was very kind with Big E.  He answered all his questions without frightening him with the real reason our doors were being "checked". See Putting the "hood" in neighborhood.

He was probably wishing he had an i-Pod right about now and some very loud heavy metal or gangsta rap to drown out the inquisition.

As Kevin was completing the doors, Big E took a mega-poop.  I needed to settle up the bill, but I didn't want the locksmith to drop dead of poisonous fumes, so I asked Big E to head upstairs for a diaper change.

I walked Kevin to the door and thanked him for his work.

Big E yelled down from his room.

Bye Kevin!  Thanks for checking our doors!

We both laughed.  He told Big E he was welcome and told me what a sweet boy Big E was.

I have to admit, I was really proud of Big E's manners. Even if Big E did take a giant dump in front of Kevin just moments earlier.

I'm beginning to have quite the T-shirt collection.


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